Classroom Revolt

28.02.2018 Emma und Gothic Kitten 6:51 Minuten Amateur, Bondage, Costume
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Classroom Revolt 1
Classroom Revolt 2
Classroom Revolt 3
Classroom Revolt 4

Gothic kitten is tied up by her rebellious pupils! She is hogtied with cuffs then tied with rope and gagged! Watch her struggle to get free!The final twist comes when she gets free and the ringleader Emma is bent over the desk and caned!Great two girl video!

Latex and Tape

26.02.2018 31 Bilder Bondage, Latex, Redhead
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Latex and Tape 1
Latex and Tape 2
Latex and Tape 3
Latex and Tape 4

Our lovely redhead Imogen is in trouble again. Here she is wearing black latex rubber dress and arm length latex gloves to match. Silver gaffa tape binds her hands and feet and keeps her quiet. Enjoy this lovely latex fetish set shot by Davy UK. You will find a couple of black and white and vintage photos to see the contrast. Enjoy!

Tree Captive

24.02.2018 23 Bilder Bondage, Latex, Outdoors
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Tree Captive 1
Tree Captive 2
Tree Captive 3
Tree Captive 4

Analiese is tied to a tree wearing a black rubber dress lifted up to show her naked. Thick rope holds her to the tree and she is blindfold and gagged for good measure.

Kenzie Tree Tied

22.02.2018 49 Bilder Bondage, Outdoors, Suspension
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Kenzie Tree Tied 1
Kenzie Tree Tied 2
Kenzie Tree Tied 3
Kenzie Tree Tied 4

Beautiful blonde Kenzie is tied upside down and naked to a tree. Blindfold and ball gagged she makes an interesting feature for outdoor bondage fetish fans

Bondage Gym

20.02.2018 Adrienna 33 Bilder Blonde, Bondage, Fetish
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Bondage Gym 1
Bondage Gym 2
Bondage Gym 3
Bondage Gym 4

Adrienna is sure having fun at the gym today! A bondage workout for all her fans!

Perils of Wednesday

18.02.2018 62 Bilder Bondage, Fetish, Redhead
Perils of  Wednesday 0
Perils of  Wednesday 1
Perils of  Wednesday 2
Perils of  Wednesday 3
Perils of  Wednesday 4

Wednesday Harrington is the curious housewife who just had to see what the shed at the bottom of the garden was used for! She soon finds herself tied legs apart and only inches from the big blade on the saw bench. Gagged and helpless she struggles and waits!

Paparazzi in Trouble

16.02.2018 Gothic Kitten 6:14 Minuten BDSM, Fetish, Suspension
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Paparazzi in Trouble 1
Paparazzi in Trouble 2
Paparazzi in Trouble 3
Paparazzi in Trouble 4

Gothic Kitten is today's paparazzi in trouble! She has been caught snooping and is tied tightly to a chair and gagged! Then the interrogation begins with her stripped and suspended by her wrists from the ceiling. Watch her struggle to get free!

Follow Me

14.02.2018 Mada-Rose 5:22 Minuten BDSM, Fetish, Toys
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Follow Me 4

Mada-Rose is wearing a selection of her huge collection of fetish gear and here she is being led around the room on a lead!

Amazon Girl

12.02.2018 Gothic Kitten 92 Bilder Bondage, Costume, Fetish
Amazon Girl 0
Amazon Girl 1
Amazon Girl 2
Amazon Girl 3
Amazon Girl 4

Gothic Kitten is Amazon Girl. On a visit home she is captured and tied up wearing her native dress.

Captive Amazon Girl

10.02.2018 Gothic Kitten 5:52 Minuten Bondage, Costume, Fetish
Captive Amazon Girl 0
Captive Amazon Girl 1
Captive Amazon Girl 2
Captive Amazon Girl 3
Captive Amazon Girl 4

Gothic Kitten plays the amazon girl who is grabbed and taken to a planned destination where she is tied and left to struggle on the bed. Lots of erotic struggling and sound effects on this great clip!