Blue Leather Captive

2017-11-23 Adrienna 52 images BBW, Fetish, Redhead
Blue Leather Captive 0
Blue Leather Captive 1
Blue Leather Captive 2
Blue Leather Captive 3
Blue Leather Captive 4

Madalina in a blue leather straight jacket, blindfod and gagged. Shot by Captive Kink

Elf in Trouble

2017-11-21 Trixie 30 images Bondage, Costume, Fetish
Elf in Trouble 0
Elf in Trouble 1
Elf in Trouble 2
Elf in Trouble 3
Elf in Trouble 4

Here we go folks more Christmas fetish from our trussed up elf Trixie!

In The Pink

2017-11-19 Adrienna 89 images Blonde, Fetish, Milf
In The Pink 0
In The Pink 1
In The Pink 2
In The Pink 3
In The Pink 4

Adrienna has plenty of fetish gear and here she is wearing several leather restraints plus a ball gag all in pink! Enjoy!

Cute Santa Tied

2017-11-17 Erin 4:59 minutes Bondage, Costume, Fetish
Cute Santa Tied 0
Cute Santa Tied 1
Cute Santa Tied 2
Cute Santa Tied 3
Cute Santa Tied 4

Erin has got to be one of the sexiest and cutest Santa's we have ever tied up for Christmas. This was her first Christmas movie and I have managed to re-vamp it and post it in MP4 Widescreen format. The Christmas fetish sets and movies will keep coming!

Submissive Redhead

2017-11-15 Madalina 26 images Fetish, Latex, Redhead
Submissive Redhead 0
Submissive Redhead 1
Submissive Redhead 2
Submissive Redhead 3
Submissive Redhead 4

Madalina is wearing a long red latex dress with zip open breast pockets and she is fitted with a metal nipple clamp on each nipple. Add a nice red ball gag and our redhead fetish girl is good to go!

Happy Holidays

2017-11-13 Adrienna 86 images Bondage, Fetish, Uniform
Happy Holidays 0
Happy Holidays 1
Happy Holidays 2
Happy Holidays 3
Happy Holidays 4

Adrienna starts this seasons posting of Chrismas girls tied up and gagged. This seems to be a fetish we all aprove of at this time of the year!

Ballet Dancer

2017-11-11 10:28 minutes Bondage
Ballet Dancer 0
Ballet Dancer 1
Ballet Dancer 2
Ballet Dancer 3
Ballet Dancer 4

Erin is asked what her tie up fantasy would be so listen to her tell you all about it then see the actual fantasy acted out!

How much can she take

2017-11-09 Trixie 5:52 minutes Bondage
How much can she take 0
How much can she take 1
How much can she take 2
How much can she take 3
How much can she take 4

Toebinder has Trixie all tied up and gagged and connected to his little persuasion gadget. Watch her struggling!

Hard Bound Blonde

2017-11-07 Adrienna 89 images Bondage
Hard Bound Blonde 0
Hard Bound Blonde 1
Hard Bound Blonde 2
Hard Bound Blonde 3
Hard Bound Blonde 4

Adrienna is caught in some extreme bondage in this set with fetish toys etc. Enjoy!

Dungeon Play 2

2017-11-05 Liberty Loves 7:28 minutes BDSM
Dungeon Play 2 0
Dungeon Play 2 1
Dungeon Play 2 2
Dungeon Play 2 3
Dungeon Play 2 4

Liberty-Loves stars in this BDSM movie with a bit of dungeon restraint and much more! Tied face down on a bed spreadeagled to all 4 corners she waits to see what the master will dish out. Here in part 2 it is all action struggling from our fair damsel as she is further fondled and tormented.