Naughty but Nice!

2017-08-28Madalina32 imagesFetish
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Naughty but Nice! 4

Madalina just had to try on all her new fetish gear from the London Fetish Show! So what do you think guys? There sure are a lot of toys and restraints to try out!

Shocking Moments

2017-08-26Trixie54 imagesFetish
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Shocking Moments 4

Toebinder is up to his devious tricks again using another of his fetish devices. A device with pads that stick to a part of the body, primarily devised to relieve pain but can be quite an exciting shocker used like this! Gagged and trussed up on the bed and topless of course Trixie gets the treatment.

Okay Fetish

2017-08-24Adrienna41 imagesFetish
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Okay Fetish 4

Adrienna is so sweet but not so innocent. She enjoys all things Fetish. Have a look at these pics Guys!

Entangled Maid

2017-08-22Erin6:22 minutesFetish
Entangled Maid 0
Entangled Maid 1
Entangled Maid 2
Entangled Maid 3
Entangled Maid 4

For all of you with a fetish for maids tied up and restrained here is Erin all entangled in a complex rope web fixed to the bed. Gagged with a red ball gag and wearing her french maids uniform and high heels

Punished Schoolgirl

2017-08-2068 imagesFetish
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Punished Schoolgirl 1
Punished Schoolgirl 2
Punished Schoolgirl 3
Punished Schoolgirl 4

Madalina is punished for getting a low mark in her exams. She gets to see what a selection of fetish gear and clothing feels like when she is fixed in a metal stocks! Enjoy the set and see what other fetish delights she sampled.

Shackled for a Day

2017-08-19Adrienna52 imagesFetish
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Shackled for a Day 3
Shackled for a Day 4

Wow! Adrienna looks so sexy shackled and hooded, gagged and wearing red fishnet! 

Officer in Trouble

2017-08-18Erin6:26 minutesFetish
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Officer in Trouble 1
Officer in Trouble 2
Officer in Trouble 3
Officer in Trouble 4

And now for all uniform fetish followers here is WPC Erin in quite a bind. Trussed up and gagged this video is a great collectors item for uniform fetish enthusiasts. hear the banter between Erin and her captor and watch her struggle in her restraints. Re-Edited: 2017

Caught at Home

2017-08-18Madalina6:59 minutesFetish
Caught at Home 0
Caught at Home 1
Caught at Home 2
Caught at Home 3
Caught at Home 4

Madalina is fullfilling a popular fetish today for all those who love to see students captured, bound and gagged. Here she is tightly tied to a chair and showing off her long socks and panties. Just watch her struggling guys!

The Green Corset

2017-08-18Madalina33 imagesFetish
The Green Corset 0
The Green Corset 1
The Green Corset 2
The Green Corset 3
The Green Corset 4

How about this green corset fetish set with our lovely Madalina wearing it in a nice little fetish shoot!

Tethered Bitch

2017-08-17Adrienna36 imagesFetish
Tethered Bitch 0
Tethered Bitch 1
Tethered Bitch 2
Tethered Bitch 3
Tethered Bitch 4

Adrienna just loves all the fetish gear and toys. Here she is tethered to a post and harness ball gagged for all to see.