Bad Bad Santa

2017-12-09 Lillie May 42 images Blonde, Costume, Fetish
Bad Bad Santa 0
Bad Bad Santa 1
Bad Bad Santa 2
Bad Bad Santa 3
Bad Bad Santa 4

Our sweet Lillie May is playing Santa at her place this year! That is if she can get out of her bondage in time! Me thinks the real Santa doesn't like the competition

Christmas Tale 2

2017-12-06 Erin 77 images Blonde, Costume, Fetish
Christmas Tale 2 0
Christmas Tale 2 1
Christmas Tale 2 2
Christmas Tale 2 3
Christmas Tale 2 4

Erin makes the most sexy Santa you could ever wish for and here she is in part 2 of this shoot where we find her even more trussed up in ropes for Christmas.

A Christmas Tale

2017-12-05 Erin 84 images Brunette, Costume, Fetish
A Christmas Tale 0
A Christmas Tale 1
A Christmas Tale 2
A Christmas Tale 3
A Christmas Tale 4

More Christmas fetish with Erin all trussed up by the Christmas tree! That would be the best Christmas ever!

Excercise in Bondage

2017-12-03 Adrienna 54 images Amateur, Blonde, Fetish
Excercise in Bondage 0
Excercise in Bondage 1
Excercise in Bondage 2
Excercise in Bondage 3
Excercise in Bondage 4

Adrienna is certainly put through her paces as she is tied prevocatively to excercise equipment. Plenty of open crotch shots!

Hogtied Elf

2017-12-01 Trixie 5:26 minutes Amateur, Costume, Fetish
Hogtied Elf 0
Hogtied Elf 1
Hogtied Elf 2
Hogtied Elf 3
Hogtied Elf 4

Trixie is the hogtied elf in this video after being tightly tied up by toebinder!

Cute Santa Tied

2017-11-29 Erin 102 images Costume, Fetish, Hogtie
Cute Santa Tied 0
Cute Santa Tied 1
Cute Santa Tied 2
Cute Santa Tied 3
Cute Santa Tied 4

Another Christmas bondage fetish set from Erin. This one is the picture set to the movie below!

Leather Trap

2017-11-27 Madalina 32 images BDSM, Fetish, Redhead
Leather Trap 0
Leather Trap 1
Leather Trap 2
Leather Trap 3
Leather Trap 4

Here is Madalina caught in a tight leather armbinder!

Hogtied Elf

2017-11-25 Trixie 5:26 minutes Amateur, Costume, Fetish
Hogtied Elf 0
Hogtied Elf 1
Hogtied Elf 2
Hogtied Elf 3
Hogtied Elf 4

Here is the movie clip to the picture set of our Christmas Elf in real trouble! Toebinder has Trixie all tied up for Christmas!

Blue Leather Captive

2017-11-23 Adrienna 52 images BBW, Fetish, Redhead
Blue Leather Captive 0
Blue Leather Captive 1
Blue Leather Captive 2
Blue Leather Captive 3
Blue Leather Captive 4

Madalina in a blue leather straight jacket, blindfod and gagged. Shot by Captive Kink

Elf in Trouble

2017-11-21 Trixie 30 images Bondage, Costume, Fetish
Elf in Trouble 0
Elf in Trouble 1
Elf in Trouble 2
Elf in Trouble 3
Elf in Trouble 4

Here we go folks more Christmas fetish from our trussed up elf Trixie!