Classroom Revolt

2018-02-28Emma and Gothic Kitten6:51 minutesAmateur, Bondage, Costume
Classroom Revolt 0
Classroom Revolt 1
Classroom Revolt 2
Classroom Revolt 3
Classroom Revolt 4

Gothic kitten is tied up by her rebellious pupils! She is hogtied with cuffs then tied with rope and gagged! Watch her struggle to get free!The final twist comes when she gets free and the ringleader Emma is bent over the desk and caned!Great two girl video!

Amazon Girl

2018-02-12Gothic Kitten92 imagesBondage, Costume, Fetish
Amazon Girl 0
Amazon Girl 1
Amazon Girl 2
Amazon Girl 3
Amazon Girl 4

Gothic Kitten is Amazon Girl. On a visit home she is captured and tied up wearing her native dress.

Captive Amazon Girl

2018-02-10Gothic Kitten5:52 minutesBondage, Costume, Fetish
Captive Amazon Girl 0
Captive Amazon Girl 1
Captive Amazon Girl 2
Captive Amazon Girl 3
Captive Amazon Girl 4

Gothic Kitten plays the amazon girl who is grabbed and taken to a planned destination where she is tied and left to struggle on the bed. Lots of erotic struggling and sound effects on this great clip!

Waitress on the Menu

2018-01-23Robbyn7:46 minutesBondage, Costume, Redhead
Waitress on the Menu 0
Waitress on the Menu 1
Waitress on the Menu 2

Yummy! someone has ordered our sexy waitress Robbyn so here she is all packaged up for a special order! Watch her struggling in a tight hogtie

Interupted Studies

2018-01-167:40 minutesBondage, Costume, Fetish
Interupted Studies 0
Interupted Studies 1
Interupted Studies 2
Interupted Studies 3
Interupted Studies 4

Gothic Kitten plays the role of a student surprised at home and tied up. Just look at that sexy little miniskirt and the way she is tied and gagged! Her studies are certainly interupted and it looks like she's got early detention!

Santa's Fetish Helper

2017-12-25Adrienna120 imagesBlow Job, Costume, Fetish
Santa's Fetish Helper 0
Santa's Fetish Helper 1
Santa's Fetish Helper 2
Santa's Fetish Helper 3
Santa's Fetish Helper 4

Adrienna is Santa's Fetish Assistant and here she is displaying fetish wear for gifts and lots more!

Very Bad Santa

2017-12-19Lillie May47 imagesBondage, Costume, Fetish
Very Bad Santa 0
Very Bad Santa 1
Very Bad Santa 2
Very Bad Santa 3
Very Bad Santa 4

Our sweet Lillie May is playing Santa at her place this year! That is if she can get out of her bondage in time! O dear! looks like she is all tied up with tape and gagged with nowhere to go!

Slave in Latex

2017-12-16Madalina67 imagesCostume, Fetish, Latex
Slave in Latex 0
Slave in Latex 1
Slave in Latex 2
Slave in Latex 3
Slave in Latex 4

Madalina is wearing a complete latex costume complete with latex hood, ball gag and collar and chain. All in sexy black latex with black boots and showing ample cleavage she is a sight to behold. Master will have fun tonight!