Catsuit and Boots

2018-03-12Mia6:21 minutesBondage, Hogtie, Latex
Catsuit and Boots 0
Catsuit and Boots 1
Catsuit and Boots 2

Mia is trussed up in a tight hogtie and gagged with a ring gag. She is wearing a one piece black latex suit and knee length ranger boots. Lots of rope hold her totally secure. Watch this girl as she starts to tie herself with rope and enjoy her struggling frantically in a tight hogtie

Ropes 4 Leather

2018-03-1034 imagesBondage, Fetish, Latex
Ropes 4 Leather 0
Ropes 4 Leather 1
Ropes 4 Leather 2
Ropes 4 Leather 3
Ropes 4 Leather 4

Imogen is looking good dressed in a black leather dress and long arm latex gloves with fishnet stockings to match. tied with tight blue ropes and double gagged this stunning redhead is quite a prize. Photography by Davy UK

Latex and Ranger Boots

2018-03-0636 imagesBondage, Hogtie, Latex
Latex and Ranger Boots 0
Latex and Ranger Boots 1
Latex and Ranger Boots 2
Latex and Ranger Boots 3
Latex and Ranger Boots 4

Mia is trussed up in a tight hogtie and gagged with a ring gag. She is wearing a one piece black latex suit and knee length ranger boots. Lots of rope hold her totally secure

Latex and Tape

2018-02-2631 imagesBondage, Latex, Redhead
Latex and Tape 0
Latex and Tape 1
Latex and Tape 2
Latex and Tape 3
Latex and Tape 4

Our lovely redhead Imogen is in trouble again. Here she is wearing black latex rubber dress and arm length latex gloves to match. Silver gaffa tape binds her hands and feet and keeps her quiet. Enjoy this lovely latex fetish set shot by Davy UK. You will find a couple of black and white and vintage photos to see the contrast. Enjoy!

Tree Captive

2018-02-2423 imagesBondage, Latex, Outdoors
Tree Captive 0
Tree Captive 1
Tree Captive 2
Tree Captive 3
Tree Captive 4

Analiese is tied to a tree wearing a black rubber dress lifted up to show her naked. Thick rope holds her to the tree and she is blindfold and gagged for good measure.

Poised and Ready

2017-12-23Madalina75 imagesFetish, Latex, Spanking
Poised and Ready 0
Poised and Ready 1
Poised and Ready 2
Poised and Ready 3
Poised and Ready 4

Madalina is certainly poised and ready in this shoot. We find her wearing a sexy shiny red latex dress that has risen up over her bottom while she is restrained in a steel stocks. Plenty of rope and especially the crotch rope makes this all the more a must to purchase. O yes she got taught a lesson as well!

Slave in Latex

2017-12-16Madalina67 imagesCostume, Fetish, Latex
Slave in Latex 0
Slave in Latex 1
Slave in Latex 2
Slave in Latex 3
Slave in Latex 4

Madalina is wearing a complete latex costume complete with latex hood, ball gag and collar and chain. All in sexy black latex with black boots and showing ample cleavage she is a sight to behold. Master will have fun tonight!

Suited Up

2017-12-12Madalina40 imagesDomination, Fetish, Latex
Suited Up 0
Suited Up 1
Suited Up 2
Suited Up 3
Suited Up 4

Madalina is really suited up in this set in tight latex so check out these great pics of her during the shoot.

Submissive Redhead

2017-11-15Madalina26 imagesFetish, Latex, Redhead
Submissive Redhead 0
Submissive Redhead 1
Submissive Redhead 2
Submissive Redhead 3
Submissive Redhead 4

Madalina is wearing a long red latex dress with zip open breast pockets and she is fitted with a metal nipple clamp on each nipple. Add a nice red ball gag and our redhead fetish girl is good to go!