2020-12-30Adrienna58 imagesAmateur, Blonde, Bondage
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Ropetricks 1
Ropetricks 2
Ropetricks 3
Ropetricks 4

Adrienna is taught a few rope tricks wearing just her nylons and a harness ballgag!

Ladder Problems

2020-05-18Adrienna49 imagesBlonde, Pantyhose, Rope Bondage
Ladder Problems 0
Ladder Problems 1
Ladder Problems 2
Ladder Problems 3
Ladder Problems 4

In this shoot our lovely Adrienna is having ladder problems and it's not with her tights! It might have something to do with her being tied to it and tightly ballgagged!

The Girl Detective 2

2018-04-06Alatns50 imagesBondage, Fetish, Hogtie
The Girl Detective 2 0
The Girl Detective 2 1
The Girl Detective 2 2
The Girl Detective 2 3
The Girl Detective 2 4

Alatns plays the part of the sexy leather clad detective looking for clues in a vacant property. She soon finds herself surprised and tied up in a tight hogtie and gagged with tape.

Hard Detention

2017-10-05Adrienna48 imagesUniform
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Hard Detention 1
Hard Detention 2
Hard Detention 3
Hard Detention 4

Pretty Adrienna is having to pay for messing about in class and here she is playing the part of the naughty schoolgirl in this great fetish bondage shoot with crotch ropes and harness ball gag tied to a chair