Trick and Treat

2021-01-2758 imagesBondage, Damsel In Distress, Rope Bondage
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Trick  and Treat 1
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Trick  and Treat 3
Trick  and Treat 4

Dakkota is looking good in this lovely bondage set where she is tricked into being part of a trick. Obviously the trick is on her and she is soon held tight with rope and gagged. Some lovely close up shots of this superb blonde.

Tree Captive

2018-02-2423 imagesBondage, Latex, Outdoors
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Tree Captive 1
Tree Captive 2
Tree Captive 3
Tree Captive 4

Analiese is tied to a tree wearing a black rubber dress lifted up to show her naked. Thick rope holds her to the tree and she is blindfold and gagged for good measure.

Very Bad Santa

2017-12-19Lillie May47 imagesBondage, Costume, Fetish
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Very Bad Santa 1
Very Bad Santa 2
Very Bad Santa 3
Very Bad Santa 4

Our sweet Lillie May is playing Santa at her place this year! That is if she can get out of her bondage in time! O dear! looks like she is all tied up with tape and gagged with nowhere to go!

Tethered Bitch

2017-08-17Adrienna36 imagesFetish
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Tethered Bitch 1
Tethered Bitch 2
Tethered Bitch 3
Tethered Bitch 4

Adrienna just loves all the fetish gear and toys. Here she is tethered to a post and harness ball gagged for all to see.