Night Visitor

2019-02-04 Mada-Rose 8:56 minutes Bondage, Redhead
Night Visitor 0
Night Visitor 1
Night Visitor 2
Night Visitor 3
Night Visitor 4

It is late at night and Mada Rose is home alone wearing a nice short black dress. Surprised and restrained by the night visitor we follow her frantic struggles tied to the stairs and ring gagged then trussed up on the sofa and fondled. All action struggling from our gorgeous redhead.

Framed 2

2018-04-25 Mada-Rose 91 images Bondage, Redhead, Spanking
Framed 2 0
Framed 2 1
Framed 2 2
Framed 2 3
Framed 2 4

Mada-Rose is in trouble again! This time she has been secured into a frame device which certainly holds her fast. Well gagged and red bottomed the photographer on the day Pat caught her just right. Now enjoy part 2 of this set featuring Mada-Rose! and watch how fast she has lost her clothes in this set! A real bumper set for Christmas day. Merry Christmas Madalina and Merry Christmas to all our viewers!

Where is your Homework

2018-03-08 Mada-Rose 3:36 minutes Bondage, Spanking, Uniform
Where is your Homework 0
Where is your Homework 1
Where is your Homework 2
Where is your Homework 3
Where is your Homework 4

Mada-Rose has not done her homework and here we see just what happens because of this. A good spanking while restrained and struggling. A gag keeps her from complaining.

Fetish Alsorts

2017-10-26 Madalina 76 images Fetish
Fetish Alsorts 0
Fetish Alsorts 1
Fetish Alsorts 2
Fetish Alsorts 3
Fetish Alsorts 4

This is a great 4 sets in 1 bonanza for you with Madalina getting fastened up in all her leather fetish and bondage gear. You may like the mummification set in black leather including hood and the green corset set! Enjoy!

Bondage House Call

2017-10-14 Madalina 4:37 minutes Fetish
Bondage House Call 0
Bondage House Call 1
Bondage House Call 2
Bondage House Call 3
Bondage House Call 4

Here is Madalina for all you Nurse fetish fans out there! I don't think she will be making many calls today!

Asylum Bound

2017-09-29 Madalina 50 images Fetish
Asylum Bound 0
Asylum Bound 1
Asylum Bound 2
Asylum Bound 3
Asylum Bound 4

Madalina is captured again and trussed up in a white straight jacket and gagged!

Which one is Best

2017-09-16 Madalina 49 images Fetish
Which one is Best 0
Which one is Best 1
Which one is Best 2
Which one is Best 3
Which one is Best 4

Madalina has such a huge collection of fetish and bondage gear it is sometimes hard to decide what to use. This set shot by Jon Web shows off a good selection and plenty of shots of our Red headed beauty restrained.

The Green Corset

2017-08-18 Madalina 33 images Fetish
The Green Corset 0
The Green Corset 1
The Green Corset 2
The Green Corset 3
The Green Corset 4

How about this green corset fetish set with our lovely Madalina wearing it in a nice little fetish shoot!