Pink Skulls

2020-08-09Adrienna61 imagesAmateur, Blonde, Bondage
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Pink Skulls 4

Here is our lovely Adrienna wearing dark tights and secured with cuffs and spreader bar and a big ballgag in her mouth

Look at Me

2018-01-02Madalina56 imagesFetish, Mask Fetish, Redhead
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Look at Me 4

Madalina has even more fetish gear and clothes for you to drool over so here is the set called Look at Me! where she is dressed in a full body stocking with a zip down the front with leather headgear to keep her encased and quiet. She is also suspended by the headgear to a point above and a good old leg spreader bar is put into action.

Poised and Ready

2017-12-23Madalina75 imagesFetish, Latex, Spanking
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Madalina is certainly poised and ready in this shoot. We find her wearing a sexy shiny red latex dress that has risen up over her bottom while she is restrained in a steel stocks. Plenty of rope and especially the crotch rope makes this all the more a must to purchase. O yes she got taught a lesson as well!

Which one is Best

2017-09-16Madalina49 imagesFetish
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Which one is Best 4

Madalina has such a huge collection of fetish and bondage gear it is sometimes hard to decide what to use. This set shot by Jon Web shows off a good selection and plenty of shots of our Red headed beauty restrained.