Flight Restrictions

2018-04-29Alatns56 imagesBondage, Uniform
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Flight Restrictions 3
Flight Restrictions 4

Alatns is in her Stewardess uniform ready for her shift when she was told there would be flight restrictions. Here we see the result she is cuffed hand and foot with steel cuffs. This was one flight she was not going to make!

Hogtied Elf

2017-11-25Trixie5:26 minutesAmateur, Costume, Fetish
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Hogtied Elf 3
Hogtied Elf 4

Here is the movie clip to the picture set of our Christmas Elf in real trouble! Toebinder has Trixie all tied up for Christmas!

Entangled Maid

2017-08-22Erin6:22 minutesFetish
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Entangled Maid 1
Entangled Maid 2
Entangled Maid 3
Entangled Maid 4

For all of you with a fetish for maids tied up and restrained here is Erin all entangled in a complex rope web fixed to the bed. Gagged with a red ball gag and wearing her french maids uniform and high heels

Officer in Trouble

2017-08-18Erin6:26 minutesFetish
Officer in Trouble 0
Officer in Trouble 1
Officer in Trouble 2
Officer in Trouble 3
Officer in Trouble 4

And now for all uniform fetish followers here is WPC Erin in quite a bind. Trussed up and gagged this video is a great collectors item for uniform fetish enthusiasts. hear the banter between Erin and her captor and watch her struggle in her restraints. Re-Edited: 2017

Maid in a Web

2017-08-16Erin73 imagesFetish
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Maid in a Web 1
Maid in a Web 2
Maid in a Web 3
Maid in a Web 4

Erin our lovely French Maid is still a little tied up. In fact she is a lot more tied up in this maid fetish set. She is now part of an intricate rope web the intruder has tied arrond her rendering her completely imobile on the bed!